Our Ventures

Client lists are private, but we can share a list of our own innovations. Here is a list:

  1. PinPoint Ventures: The only full-service research firm in the world that donates 25% of its revenue upon signing projects and not for tax breaks. Also the only research firm in the world whose formats, data and procedures are all 100% open source and in the public domain.
  2. ImpactMojo: A subscription course site that provides extremely high-quality longform courses on global development. Out of the 120 courses, 75 are free. Completely. With all premium features.
  3. Hard Questions: A curated forum of global development experts. Democratic, community-led and fascinating.
  4. DoItBetter.Life: The only retail store that sells at cost-price, finances 1% donations to shopper-chosen charities and focuses on products that last, are not expensive and are minimal and beautiful.
  5. MakeItPop.Online: A digital media agency, for social-causes. We care about what Yu care about. And we have “viral” tricks.
  6. PhotoWandering: Travel photography and low-cost wall art.

If you have questions about any of these, head to the Where We Do page and send us a question.