Where We Do

Conceptual image of business vision and innovation

Innovation takes vision and planning. In that order.

We work with clients. Most times we incubate and launch our own ventures based on our own reading of trends, needs and data. Here are a couple of areas we work in:

  • Hiring – People and Careers
  • Setting Innovation Goals or Targets
  • Ideation
  • New Markets
  • Low-Cost Sustainable Retail
  • Evidence-Based Ventures
  • Communities of Practice
  • Massive Open Online Courses
  • Social Media Marketing for Causes
  • Mental Health and Resiliance
  • Climate Systems and Adaptation
  • Identity and Citizenship
  • City-Governance
  • The Future of Philanthropy
  • Community Radio and Private Communication Tech
  • Gender and Sexuality

The bulk of our work is done remotely, via calls and conferring or just using a phone or a computer. We put feet-on-the-street when we need to validate ideas.

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